Who Can Apply : For 10th to 11th moving students

Duration : 2 years

Course Description : The entire course is divided into two academic sessions:

First Year (During class 11th)
During the first academic session, the JEE (Main+Advanced) / AIIMS+NEET which is common to school syllabus of Class-11th, will be taught to the students. This syllabus is scheduled to be finished by mid of December. During month of February the students will be given a break of around 25 days from the institute. During this period, the students take their annual examinations of Class-11th in their respective schools.

Second Year (During class 12th)
During the second academic session board syllabus of class-12th will be taught along with remaining syllabus of JEE (Main+Advanced) / AIIMS+NEET and this syllabus is scheduled to be finished by the end of December (including revision of 11th class).

Course Content:

Regular Classroom Coaching
75 min lecture which is further divided into Sheet Discussion of next 30 min & theoretical and conceptual learning of last 45 min.
3 to 4 lectures per subject per week
Total 960 lectures (approx. 320 lectures in each subject) in entire course.
Approximately 1200 hours of Classroom Teaching.
Periodic Test is conducted once in a month in the form of Part Test & Cumulative Test followed by 2 weekly test.
Regular conduction of Doubt Classes